Red Room January 2012

by Holgate

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1/27/2012 Red Room Portland, OR


released February 2, 2012

all songs by Holgate except HOMECOMING by ultrasuede
photograph by Joshua Huskey



all rights reserved


Holgate Portland, Oregon

Nate Dramer - Vocals, Guitar
Chris Uchytil - Guitar, Vocals
Nathan "Clamdip" Huskey - Bass
Mike Blackburn - Drums, Vocals

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Track Name: Mean
If I could
See the things you see
Mournings, warnings
It would
Fill me with disease
Sightings, frightening

Find me
Following in fear
Knowing, showing
Straining just to hear
Whisperings, are you listening?!

Tell me, what you said
Help me, understand
Don’t tease me, just to please me
Let me in your head

Make me, understand
Take my, innocence
Don’t deceive me. Don’t release me
Wake me up instead….
Let me in your head….
This can’t be the end….
Track Name: Homecoming
Amidst the smell of beer and basset hound
This fish has drowned in alcohol
Cigarettes don't die they just burn out
And I miss your mouth most of all
Please think of me if you get the chance

You taught me how to cry, how to lie
So don't tell me that I taught you nothing at all

I didn't drive ten miles to turn around
And see you frowning at the door
Anyway it doesn't matter now
Because you're not around any more
I just thought that you should know
Track Name: Cover
I wore that shirt today
Today it was mine, not yours
It felt good
Even though it’s ill-fitting, I’ve lost so much weight

Can’t you see in my pictures
Pictures I still post for you
That I’m not right
After all of this time, so much time

I’ve been holding too long onto things that I
Know are no longer of use
Moving on puts the sting into winning ‘cause
I always manage to lose

I wore that shirt today
Today it was mine, not yours
It felt good
Even though when it’s dirty, I’ll throw it away
Track Name: Damned
Wash off the sin
Brush off the shame
Immaculate or filthy, you’re still the same
Wash off the sin
Brush off the pain
You’ve been damned from the beginning

What gives you the need?
What’s left to prove?
When will you ever find yourself?
Track Name: Viewer Discretion
Silent signal, slightly slow
Black on white, the TV glows
Watching, waiting, weary-eyed
Viewer discretion is ill advised

Foreign figures, coming forth
Piece by piece, a building force
Victimizing, violent schemes
Scanning through vicious scenes

I can see it in my head
I can feel it in my bones
Nothing else consumes me
Nothing else can sooth me
Swallowing me whole

Medicating, measuring
Chemicals like Listerine
Giving, grabbing, gesturing
Existing in the nothing scene

I can feel it in my head
It’s pressing on my skull
Nothing in between us
No deceit or weakness
So indestructible

Penetrating, posturing
Facing the adversity
Reposessing, restraining
Securing and positioning

I’m straightening my head
Taking back control
Extracting confusion
Caving into conclusion
I’m riding out this storm
Track Name: Hands Up!
Day in day out, it’s all the same
New place, new time, new accident
What are you waiting for?
Pick yourself off the floor
You already knew just what it meant

Hands up! Hands up!
Why do you give up?
Just open your eyes
And you might see
Stand up! Stand up!
You gotta stand up
And reach for the prize

This time, next time you always say
I’ll get it right, just not today
What are you waiting for?
It’s right outside your door
You already know just what it takes

Everyone, everyone, everyone you care for
Everyone, everyone, everyone you need
Have seen it far too long
And now they’re all but gone
Everyone, everyone, everyone but me

Reach for the sky!